About us


This site functions as a scanlation aggregator of sorts for scanlation groups that I, the website admin, am involved in.

Why can't I find X series?

We remove scanlations of series that get an English license as they get licensed, or within a few weeks of that happening, so if you're trying to read a series of ours and can't find it that's probably why. We also stop scanlating series as they get licensed, so that's probably why there haven't been chapters for that series in a while.

Tachiyomi Logo

There is an Assortedscans tachiyomi extension if you don't like the site itself.

We do have a DDL function: You will need to create an account to DDL, the button will appear above chapters.

Why aren't you uploading to Mangadex? I'm not happy with the direction and level of development, I will likely start uploading series when the desktop site is in a decent condition and it has comments etc

I really like your releases and want to support you guys, where can I donate? We do not generate any money in any way for our scanlations. Scanlation is a hobby, it is incredibly cheap, and there is no reason to ask for money for doing this. If you see a group asking for donations for raws or hosting costs, they are lying, they are malicious, and you should not give them any of your money.

If you wish to contact me for any reason you can do so through the various scanlation groups' discord servers (Helvetica, Fukashigi), or on discord via Bentoki#0285.